Letting go is one of the most challenging things we can do as humans. We cling to things that are familiar even when they no longer serve us, whether that's a job, a relationship, or an old belief system.

However, letting go is essential if we want to create space for new opportunities and experiences. The full moon energy provides an excellent opportunity for us to release what no longer serves us.

This is a time of heightened emotions and intense energy, which can be used to let go of obsolete energies that hold us back from living our best lives.

Did you know that the universe sends new energy every month through full moons to purge an area of your life? This is the perfect opportunity for letting go of what holds you back in order to create space for a new reality.  

Aligning with this energy can lead to incredible results. It's like finally taking out the garbage that has made living your best life damn near impossible. But how do you do it?

First, it's important to understand what a full moon represents.  It is the culmination of the lunar cycle. It's when the moon reaches its peak illumination and shines brightest in the sky. This energy affects not only the tides but also our bodies and minds. During this time, we may feel more emotional or sensitive than usual. 

The first step in releasing obsolete energies during this time is awareness. We must recognize what we're holding onto that is no longer serving us before we can let it go fully. This could be old limiting beliefs about ourselves or others or negative emotions like anger or fear.  Pay attention to what you are sensitive to at this time.  Is it sorrow, guilt, fear, shame, anger, frustration, lack or a health challenge?  Or all of the above?  This is what you need to release.

Once we've identified what needs releasing, it's essential to set intentions around letting go during this time fully. Setting an intention creates focus and direction towards a specific goal while also bringing awareness into action.

During a full moon ritual, creating sacred space is essential so that you feel supported by your environment throughout your experience with clarity and protection while performing your ceremony.

One way to perform a releasing ceremony during the full moon phase is by writing down everything you want to release on paper or parchment with black ink (a color associated with releasing). You can then burn the paper, releasing its energy into the universe while visualizing yourself letting go of what no longer serves you.

Another way to use full moon energy is to meditate and visualize yourself releasing all that no longer serves you. By focusing on this visualization, we can create new neural pathways in our brain, which helps us let go of old patterns and beliefs. In other words, by visualizing ourselves letting go, we are creating a new reality where we're free from obsolete energies.

In conclusion, the full moon's energy is an excellent opportunity for us to let go of what no longer serves us and create space for new opportunities. By setting intentions around letting go during this time fully and using rituals like burning paper or meditating on visualization, we can release obsolete energies from our lives. 

How to Set Intentions During Full Moons

Before diving into the your specific intention, it is important to create a sacred space for your practice. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and set up your space with candles, crystals, or any other items that make you feel connected to the divine. Take some deep breaths and set your intention for the ritual ahead.  Allow yourself to settle and feel calm and secure before you begin. 

The first step in setting intentions is to identify what you want to release. Take some time to reflect on what is no longer serving you.  What are struggling with?  How do you honestly feel about yourself, your life, your past, your situation? This process requires self-awareness and honesty with yourself about what you truly feel and experience.

No matter which ritual resonates with you most, remember to set clear intentions beforehand and trust in the power of letting go during this potent lunar phase. When performing these releasing ceremonies each month during a full moon cycle, take note of how much lighter and more at peace you feel each time.

It is also important to acknowledge that releasing obsolete energies is not always an easy process, and there may be emotional and mental barriers that prevent you from fully letting go.

Now that we've covered the basics let's discuss practical tips for manifesting these intentions during a full moon phase:

1) Write down your intentions:
Identify what you are releasing with specificity.  Being crystal clear about what you are no longer available to is helpful.  Chances are you will encounter it again, in yourself or others, and knowing precisely what you do not want to repeat will be valuable guidance. 

2) Forgive:
Forgive everyone and anyone associated with what you are releasing.  This includes yourself and God, the divine, the universe, humanity etc.

Do this work to free yourself, not the other party.  If you skip this step, you will be maintaining the condition in your life, it's like saying "I want to be free of some of this, but not all of it.  I think I will keep the negative parts for myself".

3) Have Faith:
Believe that you can let it go completely.  If the issue has been around for awhile and others are involved, it may take time for others to get the message.  Hold fast to your intention and know that this is the situation moving out permanently.  

4) Have a Plan:
Make sure you are equipped with tools and strategies to support your new life.  It may feel foreign to be free of the condition or situation. Learning a new way to operate can make you feel vulnerable and trigger fear.  Be sure to soothe and comfort yourself if need be. 

Setting intentions during a full moon phase is an excellent way to refresh your life and free yourself from the past.  Remember, what ever you are releasing may have served you in someway.  Thank it for it's service - it was necessary at some point in time.  Be kind to yourself as you grow a new you.  You got this!