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You have a unique energetic map that outlines your innate frequencies.  But it can be tough to align your frequencies with the changing stars. Thankfully, every month the universe provides 2 opportunities to reset your energies: The New Moon to start anew & The Full Moon to close chapters.  

We use Biofield Tuning, a sound based energy medicine technique clarify your frequency so you can live in tune with the stars.  Join us to align your energies with the cosmos to get the full benefit of these opportunities with moon tunings and individualized chart tunings.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nicola Tesla

Tune Your Frequency with the Universe


JANUARY 28, 2021

The first full moon of the year highlights how we shine.  Do we do it with ego? Or are we expressing the bounty of our blessings? Where do we need to check our neediness or heal creativity?  The moon is opposite venus while mercury joins the jupiter/saturn conjunction.  Mars is also squaring venus during this full moon. 

Los Angeles, CA 11:16 AM


Every month the universe sends new energy to you to reignite an area of your life. 


Every month the universe provides energy to help you release obsolete energies. 


Every year the universe stimulates radical changes. The effects can last 6 months.

Join Us to Fine Tune Your Frequency

Every month receive two biofield tuning sessions with coaching on the new & full moons.

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Individual Chart Tunings


Sooth & harmonize your innate frequencies that clash causing you pain and suffering.  Accelerate your growth & realize your potential with targeted tunings on the squares, oppositions and challenging placements.  Includes: Chart Analysis, Discussion, Targeted Tuning and Recording in a 2 hour session.

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Now that I know how to sync with the moon, my life is so much more manageable.  I used to flail about trying to catch up with the energies.  I'd feel almost abused by them.  But now I can really use them as they were meant to be used.  I love it!

Soliele Dijuenes 

2 times per month I know I will have the chance to stop, reflect and harmonize with the messages from the universe.  Astrotunings has helped me and my soul's growth in ways I never imagined.  I am so blessed to be able stay connected.  

Megan Cook

I always thought astrology was a bunch of hooey.  But a friend joined Astrotunings and I watched her pace and sync her life according to the moon and everything fell into place for her.  I tried it, and wow!  No more chaos and confusion, such a relief!

Scott Lacey

Kristen Arneberg

Hello! I am thrilled you stopped by AstroTunings.  I've been practicing energy medicine for a couple of decades and intimately know how astrological transits, natal positions and moons powerfully impact one's life.   AstroTunings grew out of supporting myself and private client's integration of these  natal patterns and cyclical events.  It is my fondest wish you receive the support you are seeking in these challenging times.  I know AstroTunings can help you adjust more quickly to astro energies and weather to get on with the business of enjoying your life!  Have questions?  Drop me a line; I'd love to chat!

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